school is keeping me busy and i've been less attracted to the computer lately. i have a lot on my mind and a lot of things i've been wanting to change in my life. i've realized that maybe blogging is completely self-centered, or even more- an egocentric act that i continuously partake in. i realize that maybe i've created this whole sphere of unrealistic activity by participating in things like blogger or facebook. maybe one day when i think of a better angle for a blog, i would feel more fulfilled. should i even feel fulfilled from accomplishing something like this? i don't know. REALITY > cyber world. its embarrassing to know that all of my creativity is being used on something that isn't even tangible. i do all of this with the notion that maybe someday i'll gather a reader or two. it begins to feel useless to me.


confessions of a marc addict. said...

ummm, is that tiny girl dakota fanning?! it looks like it!

aileen aquino said...

yep thats her and her twin doll! ha

ivane said...

Don't think about the readers. Write and post for yourself.

Well, know this...I will forever be a reader of whatever you write.