charlotte ronson campaigns

i've been meaning to post these charlotte ronson campaigns. i've been really consumed with school. i'm taking two Photography classes, which happens 3 times a week for 4 hrs or more every night. i'm trying to adjust to it all since our wet lab and studios were moved from the communications department and fittingly to the art building. i've been getting smart and am making sure to write down everything- notes, ideas, inspirations. there is a lot of talent in my advanced class- naturally, i feel inferior. however, i feel blessed as in a couple of more sessions i'll feel comfortable enough to pick everyone's brains. so far, i have the ideas to do a series of film noir photos and am currently working on a self-portrait. i'm saving for a trip to Brooklyn, but intrigued to save for a new camera and lens, as well. i'd really love to take more photos of people.

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confessions of a marc addict. said...

your schedule sounds like my boyfriend's! he's a photography major and has long photo classes all the time like that.