Palm Springs CA
Ace Hotel

Chicago IL
Home of: Jack Hernandez & Teresa Surratt

There is something that really struck me about the Ace Hotel photos from Dwell.com. Palm Springs is mostly known for its mod 1960s design and culture, but this here is totally different. At first viewing, I immediately thought I was looking at a post about a place in Austin, TX or New Mexico. Every one of these images looks like home to me...or the home I see for myself in the future. If there was ever anything that depicted my style to a T, the Ace Hotel is it. With other locations in New York, Portland and Seattle, this hotel is not your frequent Marriot with spots all over the country that bore you with cookie-cutter and identical decor. However, after researching, I've come to find that Palm Springs probably has the better personality of the four.

"Brick by Brick"- the bit on Hernandez and Surratt's home in Chicago, was in the first issue I ever received of Dwell. Its the A-typical, modern architecture building tightly positioned between two ordinary houses (with their own charm, of course). This is usually the formula for something like this... Anyhow, the bright oranges of rugs, cars, curtains and wardrobe mesh very well with the minimalist style and very vintage/retro characteristics that are scattered here and there. See all photos here.

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amber renee said...

oooh, i love the little trailer and 70s oranges! xoxo