from the film, Reprise.

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ivane said...

ti, ni, åtte, syv, seks, fem, fire, tre, to, en...

I don't know why I never recommended this film to you earlier. Anyway you know the ones I've listed in that post...I really think you'll enjoy Ondskan as well. It's about a student named Erik who causes trouble at his local high school in Stockholm and his violent behavior gets him expelled. He is soon sent to a elitist private school where the seniors tyrannize the lower classmen with sadistic forms of hazing. However the faculty of the school are remiss to these cruel acts for it's 'tradition.' What will infuriate the bullies and also you as the viewer will be the refusal to fight back from Erik seeing as we're aware that he is capable of it considering any student who fights with a member of the student counil is immediatel expelled but once his moral dignity is on the line he finally takes action and finds justice, respectively with the law. Trust me, it's worth your time. And ANdreas Wilson is not so bad on the eyes. He's like a nordic James Dean.

ALso watch To Verdener. It's a very poignant view into the life of a young jehovah's witness. A girl falls in love with someone outside her faith and eventually discovers a life outside of her religion and finds her truth. The acting was terrific.

I could go on...but just look up the synopsis of some of the films and I hope they will interest you.