repeat repeat repeat REPEAT

okay, so basically there aren't words in the english language that are fitting enough to explain my love for music. but sparklehorse's- sea of teeth has been on constant repeat this afternoon. these are my favorite types of songs....good lyrics, good instrumentals, TRUE vocals. no long notes, or adding vowels to the end of every word. soothing would be a good word. but still, i have none. no words. ugh! i remember sparklehorse from years and years ago... and i am glad peonyinlove.tumblr posted a video that included sea of teeth....it thoroughly reinforced my intrigue of this music. listening to mark linkous reminds me of when i went through a reflective period in my life and listened to mainly bands like the sundays, azure ray, neko case, death cab, mazzy star, fiona apple & the counting crows (colorblind). i realize that art, music, film, literature (etc) can so easily hold me captive with bouts of transcendence and contentment. discovering that someone can compose something so relative to my state of being that makes me feel at home, comfortable and okay with how i feel is completely invigorating. i wish i could marry this feeling.
joy to the world.

RIP Mark Linkous

this video is so beautifully made.
i am so emotional this week; at first viewing..... i cried.

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ivane said...

I have an affinity for the somber melodies and I'm glad you do too.

I think you might like some of the korean musicians I listen to. We need to get together and just listen to music all day long.