will you be my valentine?

Celebrating Valentine's Day in the form of the classic movie musical. Two of my favorite songs from two of the cutest young actresses of golden eras- Judy Garland and Debbie Reynolds. If you haven't seen these film scenes, I suggest you do. They're sweet and unforgettable and something that is hard to see in the movies today. I will always be an old soul and vintage, retro & antique valentines day things have always seemed more sweet and romantic than what we have and do today.

in case you're curious-
the ladies in the b&w image collage above from left to right:
Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Karen Steele,
Clara Bow, Debbie Reynolds, a young Marilyn Monroe

pinup art by the one and only, Enoch Bolles. The first pinup is what I've had planned for years to get tattooed on me one day.

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